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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

We’re focused on getting you the best return on your investment in the shortest time. We’ll take the time to get to know your business and really hone in on the things that will get you fast results so that the work we do will pay for itself many times over. And because we only deal with a handful of premium dental clients we like to think of you as part of of our business family, and you deal directly with Ian, the owner.

How do you generate "clients on demand"?

We use a strategic mix of social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google & Linkedin) as well as more traditional search engine techniques (Google and Local Search rankings). With this mixture we can create more ads or activity on the internet to drive more leads to your business, or if you find we are generating too many leads we can decrease the ads or activity to attract less leads. It’s all up to you.

Won't all the extra clients mean lots more work?

We understand your time is precious and our customised solutions include pre-qualifying the leads so you only get the leads that are ready to go! We will even set you up so that your new clients can book directly onto your calendar! Imagine having enough new clients to afford a new staff member to take some of the workload from you, plus we’ll target the ideal clients that you want to work with… We’ll do the marketing you do the dentistry.

How long will it take to see results?

Once we’ve completed the initial set up of your keywords, target clients and offers, we can then start our initial kick start advertising campaign on Facebook. Results vary a little depending on the competition in your target area but in many cases we are able to see new leads the same day. you’ll also get your very own personal dashboard that you can log into 24/7 to see exactly what activities and results are being generated.

Are your services expensive?

We run a business just like you do so we understand you don’t have cash to burn on marketing that just doesn’t work. Our aim to get you at least 4 – 8 times your investment with us, which means for every dollar you spend you’ll earn four to eight (or more) dollars back. And even better – no lock in contracts so you can walk away whenever

Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely – we have a rock solid guarantee that covers all facets of our work:

1. No lock in contracts so you can leave at any time you don’t need any more clients.

2. We will only ever work with one dental practice in your area whilst we are partnered with you.

3. We are committed to your results – if we don’t get the results we agree to – you don’t pay a cent.

4. You can see the activities and results any time on your personal dashboard, and we will also work closely with you and your team each month to ensure we are maximising the results of your strategy, including systems and procedures to help you scale, grow or expand.

What type of dentists do you work with?

Our reputation is our greatest asset, so we only work with dentists who are keen to grow, are committed to providing¬† great service for their patients and able to take on lots of new clients in their practice. We don’t work with just anyone.¬† In fact we are quite selective. Not everyone who books a call becomes a client, but you will definitely get a lot of value out of any time we spend on a strategy call.