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Practice Growth Solutions for Dentists

 Attract New Lifetime Clients  to Your Practice

Customised marketing solutions to create a consistent flow of high quality clients in 90 days without wasting more time or money on Advertising that doesn’t work.

I help dentists dominate their local area and fill their calendar to grow a successful and thriving practice with time freedom. 


Our Unique Process


Be Found! Make it easy for the right patients to find you online. People are searching for Dentists in your local area every day, are they finding you or are they going to your competitor down the road? We can help get you in front of the right prospects at the right time.


Be Chosen! build meaningful value in your practice by sharing relevant and helpful information with your potential clients. Our unique solutions include chatbots to engage your prospects and make your competition irrelevant.


Be Amazing! You are looking for lifetime clients not just onetime patients. Generating leads is easy, but converting them is harder, so we will help design a system that will truly delight and wow your patients, and they will become your raving fans forever.


Be Successful! You will never have to worry about finding your next client, and we will continue to refine the process so that you get maximum return on your hard earned marketing dollars. We can also set up systems to make your growth oh so easy!

Your Practice, Your Life, on Your Terms

Running a dental practice as a business is hard work there are bills to pay staff to find and manage, expensive equipment to maintain and update, the list goes on . . . We see it all too often with dental practices:

  • You struggle to find a consistent source of new clients
  • You worry about the rising costs of running your practice
  • You seem to be working longer and longer hours to get through your to-do list but without seeing any real results
  • Finding that new staff member seem impossible (HR isn’t covered in dental school)
  • Your next patient just arrived

And that’s ok, you were trained to fix smiles, not spend countless hours trying to make marketing ads work or play seemingly endless games of phone tag with new patient enquiries. That’s why we can at least take the marketing struggle off your plate and let you focus on treating your patients.

Are you ready to grow? Our dedicated team is ready to help.  When you work with us you become part of the family. We are a small business and only work with a select group of premium clients.  Our commitment is help you grow your practice and we offer a 100% guarantee to get you results, or you don’t pay a cent.

Get Started Today!

If you’ve been trying to build your practice for a while you’ve probably tried a lot of things that didn’t work too well. But what would your practice look if you were bringing in 30 – 40 new clients every month? Would you put on a new dentist; a new practice manager to free up some time; or look to open a second or third practice? The choice is yours!
Every practice is unique so there is no “one size fits all“, so stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work and let us build you a pipeline of clients that will blow you away. Let us do the marketing so you can focus on being a great dentist.

How Are We Able To Guarantee Dentists Fill Their Schedules

Chat bots

Answer questions 24/7, pre-qualify leads, book the appointment, share information and even follow up for a review – the hard work is done for you!

Facebook Advertising

We use FB ads to get you in front of your local clients fast. For just a few dollars you can reach thousands of people and have leads coming in almost immediately.

Content Creation

We’ll help you create content that is relevant and meaningful to your prospects to help establish you as the local dentist of choice.

Video Marketing

People love watching video, and it is an amazingly effective way to quickly get your message across, all without the studio and production headaches.

Local Search Optimization

As a local dentist you want to outrank your competition. We can get you to page one of Google and the map packs where people will click on you first.

Reputation Management

Reputation is everything. More than 70% of people check reviews prior to connecting. We have a system to generate and manage your 5 star reviews.

Social Media Management

There is no point having multiple social media accounts if you don’t keep them fresh and interesting.  Let us help you keep your audience engaged and informed.

Advanced Analytics

We will continually review and refine your unique marketing solution so you can control the volume of leads. Plus you can log into your personal dashboard 24/7

Like to more about us?

Why a Discovery Session?

Well, just like you wouldn’t prescribe a dental treatment for a patient until you fully understand their issues or problems – we’re the same.

We could offer you all sorts of programs or services but to get it right we need to talk to you and get an understanding of your business. No pressure, no salesy tricks, we’ll just review where your at, what you’ve tried and then offer you some very exact and customized solutions that we think will get you the best results in the fastest and most effective way.

If you like what we suggest and we agree that we would be a good fit to work together, then we can talk about how you can become part of our family. If not, you can walk away with some sound suggestions to improve your website and SEO and some really useful ideas to use to get more leads for your practice.

You have nothing to lose, so click on the link below and schedule a time to talk to Ian today.

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